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Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor - Cordless air pump for cars tire

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Tire Inflator Portable Air Compressor - Cordless air pump for cars tire


 Aren't you tired of going to the gas station last minute to use their air compressor and it never works!? Don't you also hate dealing with those flimsy air pumps that never get the job done when it comes to inflating bike tires and balls?

Do you just wish you could have YOUR OWN portable air compressor that does it all in your back pocket?


Tire Inflator Portable Air

⛔ Stop driving to gas stations for pumps that don't even work, using flimsy plastic pumps, gettings flats, and wasting your time!

😠 Having to fill a flat tire when you’re in a rush and need to be somewhere, and the gas public station air pump doesn't work is super frustrating. 

⏰ And THAT’s assuming there’s a gas station or garage nearby with a working air compressor. That means wasting A LOT of time and money on gas! 

💸 AND even if you're lucky enough to find one, then it's ONLY IF you even have the right change in your pocket...

Runwells tire inflator is a tire inflator with cordless engine that has the capacity to inflate a tire up to three times its normal volume. This innovative technology ensures quick inflation of tires with its high portability. Runwells tire Inflator operates on 12V battery which can be recharged when the battery is drained or completely drained. The pump has a digital pressure gauge that will display your tire's capacity in both ounces and pounds.

best Portable air Air Compressor

Runwells Tire Inflator comes with a lightweight, water-resistant air-inflated. It has two speeds, and there is also an optional triple speed option. The inflator uses propane or butane gas for inflating tires. Although the inflation runs off of a standard 12V battery, it is capable of operating off of AA batteries also.

With the help of a tire inflator, you can bring your tires up to the proper air volume as well as the proper tire pressure. You can now conveniently change the air pressure of your tires with the push of a button. A unwell tire inflator is a must-have for any car owner. again.


Our cordless air compressor’s pressure gauge can display parameters in different units, which can be switched between PSI, BAR, KPA and KG/CM². Therefore, it’s quite easy to achieve an accurate inflation every time. Its presetting function can program pressure parameters prior to inflation process. Upon reaching the present value, it shuts off automatically to avoid over-inflation. Apart from the rechargeable 15Ah Lithium battery, it also includes a 12V car power adapter. It’s portable size and weight gives it a great mobility, which is specially designed for simple and fast inflation of AVT tires, bicycle tires, sporting equipment, party balloons, etc.

Bring it to your home. Let it make your life better!


best Portable air Air Compressor


  • Strong Power Ensures Fast Inflation: The powerful electric motor provides excellent power, giving this inflator maximum inflation pressure as high as 150 PSI and air flow up to 21.6 L/min. So it can inflate car tire from 0 to 35 PSI within few minutes, making your tire inflation faster and more convenient.  

  • Digital Pressure Gauge & LED Light: The digital display can clearly show the remaining power and current actual air pressure value which can be switched between PSI, BAR, KPA and KG/CM². Besides, it is also worth mentioning that the LED light can be turned on or off independently, you can use it as a flashlight to provide you with light in the dark.

  • Presetting & Automatic Stop Function: This tire air compressor can be preset the pressure through adjusting the "+" and "-", and the tire inflator gives you precise inflation with a programmable pressure gauge, and it will automatically shut off when the inflation reaches the preset value, so it can avoid over-inflating.

  • Dual Power Supply: Except the 15Ah rechargeable Lithium battery, the air inflator also comes with a 12V car power adapter for you to use conveniently. So there is no need to worry when the battery pack has run down when travelling.

  • Portable Design for Wide Application: Overall Dimension: 8” x 6” x 2.5”, Net Weight: 1.8 LBS, this handheld air pump does not take up much storage space and it is easy to carry with. It is specially designed for simple and fast inflation of AVT tires, bicycle tires, sporting equipment, party balloons, etc.

best Portable air Air Compressor


  • Color: As picture shows

  • Overall dimension: 8” x 6” x 2.5” (L x W x H)

  • Maximum air pressure: 150PSI

  • Battery capacity: 1500mAh

  • Outer air hose length: 20''

  • Net weight: 1.8 lbs

  • Voltage: 12V

  • Charger input: 100~240V AC 50/60HZ

  • Pressure units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG/CM2

  • Power cord length: 135''


  • 1 x 1.5Ah battery

  • 1 x Hose

  • 1 x User guide

  • 1 x Air inflator

  • 3 x Nozzles

  • 1 x Car charging adapter


best Portable air Air Compressor


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