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Hunting Trail Game Camera - Best Cellular Wireless Trail Camera - Clear Vision Trail Camera

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Hunting Trail Game Camera - Best Cellular Wireless Trail Camera - Clear Vision Trail Camera


the Clear Vision™ digital trail camera is equipped with the best integrated Infrared Night Vision Technology, to enable the user to capture images in low light conditions and at amazing speeds. Compared to regular 12 megapixel cameras, the Clear Vision™ digital trail camera upgrades 16MP (16 Mega pixel) and features high definition (HD) video recording, allowing you to watch the beautiful wild animals in their natural habitat. It is a great camera for wildlife enthusiasts as well as individuals who are looking for rare species and exotic pets.

the Clear Vision™ solar trail camera two technologies to enable the user to get the best wildlife viewing experience, infra red illuminators and high speed remote control transfer. Solar power is the first choice of the the Clear Vision™ trail camera, powered by one triple A battery. One triple A battery gives ample power to register the target animals in clear night vision mode for long enough for the camera to record the capture.

The Infrared Night Vision Tripod Camera is designed to handle even tough conditions while still being easy to carry. This tripod camcorder has two different modes, Auto and Enhancement mode, which allows the user to adjust exposure and white balance automatically. This camcorder also includes two miniature lenses with 100% functional guarantee. One of the major highlights of this camcorder is the Infrared Illuminator built into the camera's body, which offers a clear view even in total darkness. The Clear Vision™ thermal trail camera with infrared illuminator is a unique combination of technologies that brings the world closer to nature.


Easy to Operate ▶ The hunting cam is easy to operate and mount. You can apply the user-friendly device to outdoor activities, not only hunting but also home security, property surveillance, scouting, wildlife monitoring, Farm Security. With the infrared sensor, the Clear Vision™ trail Cam will be triggered by any movement that it catches, day or night. Once the camera is triggered it will capture a photo of the suspect.

16MP Clearer Image + 1080P Sharper Video Resolution ▶ The trail camera captures 16 Mega Pixel crystal images and full HD 1080P videos,providing more high-quality details during daytime(black and white at night).You could easily see the vivid world of wildlife.

Faster 0.3s Trigger Speed ▶ Once detecting the movements,the hunting camera will be triggered instantly in 0.3s without delay.You will never miss any exciting moments even at night.The trigger distance is up to 20m(65ft).

Excellent Sensitivity and Night Vision with 3 PIR ▶ The wildlife camera will detect movements of wild animals as soon as they enter the detecting range.With 3 passive infrared sensors,the high-sensitive camera detect and record every breathtaking motion with lower power consumption.The 42 pcs upgraded infrared LEDs can let you catch any moment even at dark night.850nm low glow infrared technology support super clear night vision.

120° Wide Angle Lens + Waterproof Sturdy Device ▶ The game camera is equipped with 120° detecting range,which allows you to get excellent broader view.It will record any animal movements you want with wide angle lens even in rainy days.

Easy to Operate + Multiple Applications ▶The hunting cam is easy to operate and mount.You could apply the user-friendly device to outdoor activities,not only hunting but also home security, property surveillance, wildlife monitoring and scouting,Farm Security.

  • Hunting :
    T45A trail camera is a helpful assistant to track animals for hunter.
  • Home Security :
    The trail camera is also as a home monitor, which would be a multifunctional device.
  • Wildlife Monitoring :
    If you want to know more secrets of wildlife, just choose T45A to easily touch the unbelievable fantastic world.
  • Farm Monitoring :
    Help you monitor your farm, preventing strangers or stray animals.