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Camping Survival Multifunctional Tactical Shovel, Folding Outdoor Survival Tool

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Multifunctional Tactical Shovel

Folding Outdoor Survival Tool

In any survival situation, having the tools to help you succeed can make a world of difference. This multifunctional tactical shovel can be a lifesaving tool that is lightweight and folds up nicely to be stored in any bag.

If you are a survivalist, a hunter, going camping, or just prepping an emergency bag for the future, this shovel can come in handy in a pinch and is made of military carbon-grade steel. With aerospace-grade aluminum pipes for the pole, you can be sure that regardless of the task at hand, this multitool will get it done.


Features : 

  • The shovel is collapsible to be adjusted into 4 lengths . The shovel head can stay from  25° to 180°

  • This multi-function shovel is an all-in-one multi tool, you can use it as snow excavators, scoops, saws, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, rescue whistle, magnesia rod, fire ice cream, fish knife, hammer, nail pullover , Ruler, wrench, and so on.

  • Small folding size with a storage bag can be put in a backpack. Spade can be used from 0-180 angle as hook, hoe or shovel .

  • This military folding shovel is made of high strength manganese steel alloy. Surface oxidation rust prevention; thickened shovel board has sufficient strength to withstand harsh conditions. Non slip handle design ensures a comfortable and convenient use.

  • The bucket kit is easy to install and portable, and can be used as a one-piece special bucket bag. Suitable for off-road, backpacks, expeditions, pop-up camping, trainees, scouts, military personnel, hikers, hunters, fishermen, gardeners, gold diggers, motorcyclists.

  • The shovel head is hand polished / the handle is oxidized and not easily damaged, durable.

  • The shovel handle is made of high-quality extra-manganese steel. Innovative and compact knurling process for more comfortable grip.

  • Knife set is a multi-functional machine that can cut meat in the wild, cut vegetables, open bottles, self-defense, fish,and swan wood.

  • The first built-in handle attack cone can easily break the window and also be used for self-defense.  Unique detachable attack cones can be replaced to be more intimate.


Standard travel shovels are:

❌ Too Heavy

❌ Too Bulky

❌ Easily-bendable

❌ Single-function

❌ Short-lasting


Explorers are choosing the Camping Survival Multifunctional Tactical Shovel because each one is:

✅ Lightweight

✅ Easy-to-Pack

✅ Military-grade Durable

✅ Multi-functional

✅ Ultra Long-lasting


The functions of this tool are ENDLESS!

  •     SHARP EDGES for brace cutting logs and rope, wire clamping, & axing.
  •     SERRATED EDGE for sawing, chipping, & chiseling.
  •     BLUNT END for hammering or breaking wood, glass, or brick.
  •     10-INCH RULER for measuring.
  •     ADD-ONS including a spear, a knife, a flashlight, a screwdriver, a bottle                opener, a loud emergency whistle, & a compass.
  •     And, of course, a DURABLE SHOVEL for digging, hoeing, & entrenching.


Other functions include:





Chopping Camera Tripods


& more!


Keep your survival shovel folded up in your travel backpack and forget it’s even there! For the first time, you’ve got a tool that strikes the right balance between durability and strength without weighing you down.